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Upscale Party Favors...  Art Imitating Life...

I was reading an article today and am amaze at the creativity people have. In high end galas and weddings, you are more likely to find a personal party favor that simulates life. After a wedding at an expensive hotel, a prestigious catering company left a PRADA purse filled with scented flowers at each seat for women to go ga ga over. Event planners are even using donuts along with New York Times or Wall Street Journal as favors after a big event.

Other ideas, which never seem to come to mind is a favor bag full of hangover medicines like Aspirin and Maalox . On the more feminine end of the spectrum, favor bag with leaf shaped soaps is starting to have a following, especially to the mid upper class Weddings, Bar Mitzvah, Christmas bash, New Year celebrations and even Bridal and Baby Showers. Gift basket industries are starting to gravitate toward items that one can actually use not just to  display or keep.

You can purchase a miniature silver, crystal or enamel pail and add leaf shape soaps inside, wrap and tie it with a ribbon and you are good to go. This is simple to make, yet very affordable and attractive. For a more feminine twist with a high end frills, add your favorite magazine with organza filled with petal soap for a storybook romantic ending to your upcoming event!

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