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Suggestions For Selecting Your Wedding Musicians

Many brides are so overwhelmed by having to make 2,156 decisions in planning their wedding ceremonies and receptions to ensure their absolutely perfect wedding day. What to choose? &Silver or gold table linens ? Chicken or salmon? Pink roses or delphiniums? Please, allow me to assist you in selecting your wedding musicians.....I have been a significant part of thousands of celebrations that included the scenes negotiations, phone discussions, music selections, rehearsals, recommendations for additional vendors, etc. Particular brides were searching for only the best, and I'd like to share suggestions in how you can do the same to ensure your special day being memorable, beautiful, and special.

# 1. Relax and trust the wedding professionals to help you by virtue of their expertise. They have had countless years of experience and witnessed almost every possible scenario imaginable. I, personally, have seen a bride faint, just before saying I do.;brides who heard the Bridal March and just stood ;in the doorway, frozen -- ( The ring bearer had forgotten the ring ;on the 16th floor of p;the hotel!), ceremonies starting 45 minutes late because Uncle Bob took a wrong turn driving to the church, etc. Despite the challenges presented, these weddings were absolutely beautiful ~ with much credit given to professional vendors who knew how to handle them! When selecting your vendors, be sure they can offer you top references and have professional materials to share that represent a quality business. If your phone calls are not handled professionally and promptly, you are wise to go to someone else. Many people are looking for value today and may believe that because aunt Frannie plays the piano, she'd be perfect as your cocktail pianist. Aunt Frannie may know Let Me Call You Sweetheart; ~ but do you want to hear it 35 times in an hour? Will your guests be disappointed because she doesn't know how to play anything else? Let aunt Frannie be a guest. Leave the music to the professional who has a wide repertoire for everyone present. They are trained to take requests, play polished, professional arrangements ~ and do it all while smiling and carrying on a conversation without taking our hands off the keys!!

# 2 All beautiful, elegant, wedding ceremonies and receptions will have live music. If you are absolutely on the tightest budget, you can hire a solo musician for what two dinner entrees or a lovely floral centerpiece would cost you. It's smart not to cut corners with ambience. Music sets the tone for your day. Your guests will notice. Keep this thought in mind, as well, for your wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, and your post nuptial champagne brunches. A celebration without music is only a meeting.

# 3. Ask your friends to share names of vendors they have dealt with for their special occasions. If you don't know of anyone, the facility where you are planning your event usually has a list of preferred musicians for wedding ceremonies/receptions/corporate events that include wonderful people such as bands/orchestras/dj's/florists/photographers/caterers/videogrpahers, etc. Just ask your catering coordinator for their list of professional musicians. This is the best possible resource you can find in that recommended vendors do not pay to be listed. Preferred vendors are, specifically, recommended for consistent quality service and impeccable reputations. Anyone can get listed in a phone book or a wedding magazine for a fee. Recommendations will cost you nothing but are tremendously valuable resources. If the facility recommends someone superior who your guests are talking about for weeks to come following your wedding, this reflects extremely well upon the vendor and the facility, If we look good, they look good.

#4. Brides planning church wedding ceremonies may need to consult with the musical director of their local churches before selecting musicians. It is common practice for some churches to require you utilize their in house musicians and will not allow you to bring in outside vendors. The church often has an approved list of musical selections allowed. Be sure to call first.

Kathie Nicolet is a Chicago Pianist For Beautiful Wedding Ceremonies And Receptions Since 1983. Her website is You can reach her at 630 830 2345. Copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved K L Nicolet Article Cannot Be Reproduced, Duplicated Or Reprinted Without Permission.