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How to have a Fulfilling Life...

Every year we promise ourselves to do something – quit smoking, be thin or call our mother more often. We always dream of changing ourselves for the better. Some grown up and rather wise women even write their promises on paper, burn the paper and swallow it while drinking champagne, at the strike of a clock. And they do this not because they are naïve, but want to finally fulfill the things they’ve been dreaming. Everyday we do morning exercises, throw cigarettes to a dust bin and smile to an ugly neighbor kindheartedly. However, very soon, good intentions come to a stop and very soon you are back to old ways. It almost seems like somebody is preventing  us from realizing our plans purposely or is it?

Lack of small pleasures
When a person is in good mood, his heart, liver and lungs work better. Happy people fall ill lesser, than unhappy ones, as when you’re content, your body produces more antibodies.The result: when you feel good, your immunity rises. The more small pleasures you have in life, the more power you get for great fulfillments. Of course, everyone has his own definition of pleasures.
One might be happy because of chocolate or just sipping champagne, others because of spare 30 minutes spent with family, and yet another a walk in a snow-covered forest. This is not to say that you should forget about working days and turn your life into constant pleasure: if you have too many pleasant emotions, pleasure is reduced. You should have everything in harmony – both work and rest.

Sense of guilt
You’re running round in small circles, trying to do everything. Work, home, lessons with children, and there’re also your beloved husband’s shirts to be ironed… You’re tired, many women feel guilty of relaxing when chores are not done. Pleasure turns into something forbidden and shameful. Often good intentions break down because of this. Life cannot consist only of responsibilities, there should be also pleasant moments in it. Not only  should you say “I must”, but also “I want”. And if you deny yourself this, then your love for  chocolate as pleasure will turn into eating for guilt.

What one needs to do...
Every day

• Invent some everyday ritual. For example, before going to bed, drink some squeezed juice while reading a magazine.
• Find several spare minutes, when you can do nothing, but just dreaming, relaxing in a tub.
• Don’t dismiss some pleasures that happen by themselves. If your school friend called you or you noticed a beautiful sunset, rejoice over it.
• Smile to people you’re talking to.
• Spend as much time as you can with your loved ones.
• Play with your children, hold your husband’s hand. And say them how you love them.
• When you go to bed, remind the most pleasant thing that happened during the day. 
• And rejoice over it again.

Every week
• Spend one evening a week going to a theatre, have a walk after dinner. Or just leave dirty plates and dishes for the morning, and devote spare 30 minutes to yourself.
• Visit beautiful places, church, interesting museum or even City Park.
• If usual aerobics seems boring for you, try something new and unusual: belly dance, samba or swimming.

Every month
• Devote several hours to your appearance. have a massage or manicure.
• Go shopping, buy something pleasant for you. Celebrate new beginnings, quit smoking, learn how to swim.
• Change your routine. Go to a country place on the weekend or go for an excursion to some other city altogether.

Every year
• Plan a valuable, 2 week vacation at the minimum.
• Invent and realize a birthday surprise for your loved one. Create gifts that are meaningful and memorable.
• Meet friends and relatives who live far away from you.

One should have both responsibilities and pleasures in life, to be able  realize dreams successfully!

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