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Frequently Asked Question...

What is a Bath Confetti?
Bath Confetti is a paper-thin heart shaped soap that comes in different scents. Bath Confetti makes a great gift for any occasions.
The confetti can be use as bath soap, for morning shower or simply hand washing.

How do I use bath confetti?
Sprinkle leaf shaped soap in a tub full of water. The leaf shape soap will then dissolve for a soothing bath.

How much bath confetti is use in a bath?
For confetti:
Sprinkle 10gm (entire tube) or more into the tub for nice lightly scented bath 1-5PCs if use as hand soap, and little confetti on a wet
soft sponge for morning shower.

Petal soaps:
Use one petal if use as hand soap, about 15PCs for a nice evening bath or 1-2 PCs on a soft wet sponge for a morning shower.

Maple leaves:
5-10 maple leaves or more for a nice evening bath one or half a leaf for hand wash or use in a wet sponge for a morning shower.

Petite leaves:
Sprinkle 1/4 of container for an evening bath 1-2 PCs for hand washing 2-3PCs on a wet sponge for a morning shower.
Store in a cool dry place.

What are the ingredients in PurpleEgg bath products?
Sodium Laury Benzene Sulfonate ,( Alkanoyl) Amidopropyl Betaine,Coconut Oil Diakanol Amide,Imidazolidinyl Urea,n-Butyl
P-hydroxybenzoate,Starch,color,Polyvinyl Alcohol Allantoin, Glycerin, Fragrance Simply put, only the basic ingredients are used.

What are the measurements?

Petal soaps:
The petal soap is 2 1/4 by 2 at its widest dimension, contains Approx 30 soft textured petal soaps, approximately 20gm.

Maple leaf shape soaps:
Approximately contains 5 GM of maple leaf shaped soap.(about 5pcs)about 5inches in diameter.

Soap confetti:
Approximately 10 gram in 51/2 inches long and 1inch diameter tube.

Petite leaves:
Approximately 40gm approx. each leaf is about 21/4 in length.
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